Welcome to GuitarCollector.com

This is for people who want to learn about guitars, get some guitar reviews, learn about vintage guitars, and get guitar buying tips.

Fair warning: there is a strong bias toward Fender guitars. I am friends with Fender and have pretty much worshipped their guitars since I was a kid. Nothing against other guitars. I have some lovely Gibsons and a half a dozen other brands, but Fenders (and Squiers) just feel the best to me.

This doesn’t mean I’m beholden to anyone including Fender, nor that I am unwilling to criticize them. Unless otherwise noted I bought everything I review or write about with my own money. But damn, I love guitars.

I’m super excited that the inaugural post is also the first published review of the Squier USB Strat as far as I can tell. I ordered it on Thursday morning and got it on Friday. (In my review at the Apple Website I mistakenly claimed I ordered it on Wednesday.) Since I love Fenders, and this Squier is as good as a Fender, it’s the perfect way to start the site.